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About MAI

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Medical Administrators International (MAI) is an international health insurance claims administrator and subsidiary of Molitor Group, specialized in health care benefits including international healthcare benefits for expatriates.

Our mission is to create the best conditions so that our partners benefit from our expertise while remaining competitive. We shall apply your philosophy and treat your clients the way you would.

Being the only claims administrator on the market that can operate under white label, we are your loyal extension. As MAI’s core business is being a third party administrator of healthcare benefits, you know that your business interests are protected.

Our partnership will allow you to focus on your core business while our experienced, highly trained, multicultural, multilingual and fully operational team provides high quality customer service and takes care of all issues related to administering your policies.

We offer our clients administration services, cost control and multilingual customer support to expatriates worldwide. We administer both individual and standard or tailor-made employee benefit programs, regardless of nationality or physical location of the member.

We offer “fee free” reimbursement solutions in more than 130 currencies through wire transfers to banks of the customer’s choice, by cheque or other means of payment across the globe.

We also offer access to cashless solutions through our wide network of providers.

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We provide third party administration services to :

  • Insurance companies
  • Self-funded corporations
  • Brokers and broker networks
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Experience matters…

MAI regroups a team of seasoned professionals in international benefits administration each with a personal expatriation experience. Having an expatriate experience helps to bring us closer to the expatriates we serve.

At MAI we know that expatriates, who find themselves abroad and confronted with an unfamiliar cultural environment, have different needs and expectations.

Enriched by our own experiences, we offer a unique service to accompany our clients in their endeavors providing them with peace of mind while abroad.

Our objective

Client satisfaction and high client retention rate are our main objectives that contribute to growing your business.

Our principles

Confidentiality and neutrality are our main principles ensuring that our clients’ business interests are never compromised.

“Expatriates serving expatriates”